The Hermitages


Our hermitages are stand alone. Seven are currently available.

Three hermitages face the Mississippi River:  Emmaus, Tree of Life, and Glimpse of Glory. These were built first and were fully renovated in 2022. All have same layout, furnishings and river views.

Holy Trinity has views of the river and the woods.

Two hermitages are built into the bluffs and face into the woods: Beautiful Earth and Jesus is Lord. Upper Room is above Jesus is Lord.


Each hermitage has a single bed, desk and chair, rocking chair, shower, and small kitchen area with microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, and utensils. A simple layout and furnishings offer privacy and solitude.

Scriptural Artwork

Each hermitage also includes specially selected artwork that is tied to the hermitage name to help guests settle into meditation and focused prayer. Some of the same pieces are placed throughout the property.

Ideas for Meditation and Prayer Outside the Hermitages

Around the property are found other places for meditation and prayer.