Comments from “hermits” who stayed at Vision of Peace

Thank you for this beautiful space and truly peaceful environment in which one can talk to and listen to God. I am so grateful. 

I can’t put into words how being here has and will heal me — this is my second visit this year. The Lord continues to use this solitude to renew me and give me perspective. Thanks for providing this space. 

“Thank you for providing this lovely place.  It was just what I needed.  I arrived very, very tired.  The river, the sunrises, the surprises of indigo buntings, an eagle and especially the pelicans were all gifts with a gentle effect.  I needed an un-scheduled time in beauty to sink into grace, and this was the right spot.  I think the ‘contained’ hermitage space actually contributed to my being able to settle right in.”

     -Barbara L.,  5/27/12

BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful things are taking place in these blessed hermitages. may God bless you for the peace you provide to so many. 

A very beautiful place to be on retreat. Thank you for everything! 

Great view of Mississippi — always continues to flow, much like events in our/my life. Thank you! 

Tremendous getaway to commune with Christ, affordable, secluded, beautiful, well maintained, well staffed.

Vision of Peace is filled with the presence of God.

“When I first arrived at Vision of Peace, I saw the serenity and beauty and I knew I was safe, secure…  The hermitages are simply ‘homey’, with great views of the flowing river, sunrises, woods and nature.  Take a walk, read, pray, sit quietly with God in this beautiful setting.  Allow this important time to rest, reflect and know God.  Come and know the gift of serenity and God will give you rest.”

                                                                                              -Claudia O., 4/12/12

I will plan on staying again and feel very good about referring people to Vision of Peace for a peaceful, blessed and restful experience.

I look forward to my visits here and turning off the distractions of the world to reflect and restore.

Wonderful. As I entered my retreat God asked me to simply “dwell.” It is hard to describe the clarity of a relationship with God that happens by simply dwelling at Vision of Peace. God gently enters in.

Thank you for providing a place of peace. God was faithful to bring refreshment in my time here.

“I am sitting in a lovely little hobbit house tucked away in the hills and woods of Pevely, Missouri.  From where I sit I have a beautiful view of the Mississippi River and the banks of Illinois.  The leaves are turning.  There are hickory nuts galore and I am told there are ripe persimmons nearby.

I can’t believe I’ve been blessed with such an awesome experience. This is the best…and the hardest thing I have done in a long time.

There is no doubt in my being that God brought me here.  I want to be open to and soak up EVERY moment He blesses me with here.”

– Virginia T., 10-17-08

Thank you! Beautiful place to listen and talk to God.

My time here was wonderful, so peaceful and comfortable. I hope to return sometime soon.