New Current Criteria:


May 2020: We are still allowing retreatants in a more limited capacity. Guests can book a personal retreat by calling or texting 636-475-3697 to visit our holy grounds. We ask, if at all possible, to book a 2 night minimum during these harder times.

*Donations for just spending a few hours praying on our outdoor grounds are welcome but not required

We are asking guests to only come if they are healthy and have not been close to anyone who has been sick with the virus. We also ask guests to maintain appropriate space from one another.

We are a bit more limited with time constraints and need to wait at least 24 hours in between the usage of a hermitage to try to ensure greater safety for our guests. We have set up some new criteria, but we are not a hospital or hotel. We do the best we can and you may choose to come here at your discretion.

We are asking guests to share their time and usage of the Spirituality Center carefully. Please wash your hands before going into the chapel, wear a mask if others are around, have the windows cracked open, and wipe anything down that you touched with disinfecting wipe on your way out. (use at your own discretion)

(You can view and pray in the presence of the blessed tabernacle from most places on our patio, deck or lawn by looking through the large window.)

We also ask people to pay via PayPal before you come or bring a check or cash and place in the box by the chapel. Staff will have the door to your hermitage unlocked and you can let yourself in and fill out the registration card on your desk. If it’s a nice day out, Angela will usually talk to people 6 ft or more apart in the yard somewhere to answer any questions.

 We continue to ask guests to clean, vacuum and tidy up after themselves and bring up their laundry and trash to the office. Also, on departure, leave the ceiling fan on and a window cracked (if not raining).

Staff go in 24 hours later and sanitize everything with bleach water and wash all linens in hot water.  (We also wait a day to rent the hermitage to the next person, so it’s up to you if you wanted to go into a hermitage earlier or later than the 24 hours we set up.)  I’m fairly sure we are safe here, St. Anselm talked about Faith and Reason as needing to fit together. “Faith” that God will be with us in any situation and “Reason” to use common sense in our earthly decisions. I’m also following this article’s thinking.

News & Events:

Our Vision of Peace board and community is mourning the loss of Sister Miriam Clare Stoll, who passed to her eternal reward January 30, 2020 at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. She was 95 years old and had been a Sister of Providence for 75 years.
Sr. Miriam was the foundress of the current “Vision of Peace Hermitages” (formerly Glimpse of Glory Ministries/Christina House of Prayer in Pevely, MO (1977-83) )
Eternal rest, grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.


VISION OF PEACE PRAYER MEETING    Currently on hold until further notice

1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday Nights at 7:00 PM in the Chapel

Praise and worship, prayer, teachings and discussion on various topics

Email Angela Smith for info



Mondays at 9:00 AM and most Sundays if requested, in the Chapel. (Sacrament of Reconciliation available after Mass)

We are no longer offering a regular Thursday mass, Fr Bill Wigand passed 12/18/2019. We pray for his soul and thank God for all his years of serving us here at Vision of Peace on Thursdays. 

(Mass may be celebrated on other days depending on availability of priests. Also available at nearby parishes)

Our new construction of the Chaplain’s Hermitage was completed October 2018


We have raised the funds to build a new hermitage near the chapel where a priest can stay for extended periods to be on site for mass, confessions, and other priestly ministry. This allows us to have daily mass many times while you are here on retreat.

Our Sunday Visitor Article on Hermitages Mentions Vision of Peace

Resident Care-taker Mary Jane Gresham was quoted in a recent Our Sunday Visitor article about hermitages – Hermitage A Chance to be Alone with God

Vision of Peace Featured in St Louis Review

Vision of Peace Hermitages was the front page story on the October 9th issue of the St. Louis Archdiocese newspaper. The reporter and photographer each came and experienced overnight retreats in our hermitages and this helped them really capture the spirit of the place in words and pictures. The online version of the story is here: Hermitages Offer Solitude in Beauty of God’s Creation

Vision of Peace Receives Architectural Design Award

American Institute of Architects, St Louis awards Vision of Peace Spirituality Center (Architects John C. Guenther, FAIA, LEED AP and Dennis Tacchi, AIA) Small Projects Distinguished Award. Jurors commented:

“The jury found this serene project to be beautifully sited, simple, and gracious—a place rich in opportunity for meaningful personal experience.Simple moves provide great impact, while the plywood furniture reveals this project to be a true labor of love.”

New Director Angela Smith speaks of Vision of Peace on Podcast, “Conversations about Life.

Escaping the Effects of Evil & Being Still Before God w/ Angela of Vision of Peace Hermitages